The Effects of Sustainable Transportation on Air Quality

The air we breathe is important. The World Health Organization reports that over 3 million people die every year from the effects of breathing polluted air. Air pollution is a major environmental concern for many cities today, and it can affect everyone, regardless of where they live. Considering this, there are some solutions to help reduce the effects of air pollution; one of which is sustainable transportation. Sustainable transportation can help make our air cleaner by making us more active while traveling and encouraging others to adopt these methods of travel too. To learn more about this issue and how you can reduce your impact on the environment, read on!

The Effects of Sustainable Transportation on Air Quality

The importance of sustainable transportation

Transportation is a huge contributor to air pollution in most cities around the world. Cars, trucks, buses, and even airplanes are major sources of air pollution. The largest air polluters in the United States include General Motors, Volkswagen, and other big companies in the automotive industry. To reduce air pollution and the effects it has on our health, sustainable transportation is a must. The solution is better, healthier, and more environmentally friendly ways to get around. These two examples are as follows:

Light rail and bike share systems

Getting around town by foot and by bike can be enjoyable, but it is quite the workout. Not to mention that it can be exhausting and even dangerous.

The air we breathe

Air pollution is everywhere. You can see it in the air, but it also affects your ability to breathe at night. It can also affect your health in more serious ways. Studies have shown that having dirty air is dangerous for human health, and it can even lead to heart disease and other illnesses. Particulate matter in the air can decrease the body’s natural defense against sicknesses and diseases. To protect against these illnesses, pollution laws have been passed in many cities that increase the costs of vehicle registration and emissions.

Sustainable Transportation

There are two ways that you can be more environmentally friendly by traveling: sustainable transportation or electric transportation.

Sustainable transportation and air pollution

Air pollution occurs in all forms and can impact anyone. The Center for Disease Control found that the most common sources of air pollution are power plants, car exhaust, and smoking. The tobacco industry is often blamed for the amount of air pollution in our air. But, those aren’t the only contributors. According to the USDA, since we live in a sprawling city, roadways and highways are the number one source of air pollution. And in cities where the roads are constantly congested, that contributes to air pollution too. With the help of sustainable transportation, both types of air pollution can be lessened.

How to reduce your negative impact

Why does sustainable transportation help reduce air pollution? As previously stated, air pollution from cars is harmful. Air pollutants can lead to lung diseases and conditions like asthma, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To reduce your negative impact on air pollution, there are several ways to decrease it.

Look for Alternatives

If you are taking public transportation or a vehicle other than your own, switch to a low-emission vehicle (LEV) when you can. This could mean using an electric car, hybrid car, or any other EV that is eco-friendly.

Make it a Habit

To be more conscious about sustainable transportation, try to start making it a habit instead of doing it just to fit into the crowd.

Elon musk on sustainable energy

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, wants to make sustainable energy a reality. With his company, he hopes to make sustainable energy, aka solar energy and electric vehicles, a necessity rather than a luxury. Musk explains in his article on his website:

“Over the past two decades, the renewable energy industry has made tremendous technological progress — prices have plummeted, efficiencies have increased, and solar PV and wind power are now a viable alternative to conventional energy sources. But we still have a lot of work to do. We still use 80% of the world’s energy, but a small percentage of it is renewable, with a large percentage of the rest being coal, oil, or gas. Many of the people suffering most from air pollution are in poor countries.


We all have to live somewhere, so we might as well make it somewhere beautiful! Bikes can be a useful way to get around, whether they’re being used for commuting or leisure. Use this information to make better decisions about how to keep yourself and others as healthy as possible.

While no major city is safe from the effects of pollution, there are a few ways to avoid too much damage. By using a bike instead of a car and avoiding peak pollution times in the morning and evenings, you’ll be making a difference in your local community. Have a good day!

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