Kundali Matching For Marriage Is The Best Way To Match Your Kundli Anytime And Anywhere

Kundali matching for marriage is the easiest and most accurate way. It is to match Kundalis anytime and anywhere with the bride-to-be. Horoscope matching or Milanese Kundali is an ancient method of Vedic astrology. It is to analyze the compatibility between couples. Kundali correspondence is according to Hindu-Vedic astrology. It is present according to the Ashtakoota method of Guna Milano:

  • In Hindu marriages, good Gun Milan results are essential. It is for a happy, long-term and prosperous married life.
  • Kundli or Guna Milan matching is the most critical aspect of any Hindu wedding.
  • Hindu astrology places excellent emphasis on Milan’s Janam Kundali before the couple gets married to ensure a happy and extended family life.
  • Kundalini marriage accidents must be from a family priest or a fortune-teller.
  • But with online Kundali matching, the marriage compatibility of two people is quick.
  • There are two ways to set the horoscope for boys and girls:
  • Kundali matches by name
  • Kundali Matching by date of birth
  • Kundali name matching is a total coincidence of marriages. It ends only with the name of the bride and groom.
  • It is also called Guna Milan by name

What do people believe about kundali matching for marriage?

Kundali matching for marriage, also known as Patrika’s Matching. It focuses on the ancient Ashtakuta method and uses each other’s dates of birth. It is to determine the compatibility of two people. In western astrology:

  • Some believe in using a love calculator to find their results for compatibility with love,
  • First you have to check the compatibility between you and your spouse. Second, it is to understand their emotional, mental and physical compatibility.
  • Although the horoscope match by date of birth and name focuses on the result of Guna Milan calculated by match calculator.
  • The Kundali match by date of birth is more accurate and is always recommended.

In Hindu tradition, kundali matching for marriage is the main ritual before marriage. This is the process of aligning the bridal horoscope (birth chart). It is to determine if their stars are for a successful and happy marriage. Often referred to as the Horoscope Match, Janam Kundli Milan, Patrimilan, or Pistol Milan. The Kundli Wedding Match focuses on many factors that apply. It determines the outcome of the Kundali Match, also known as Guni.

This method is for setting horoscopes and establishing compatibility between boys and girls. It can be present to predict Shubh Muhurat for the wedding ceremony. It is to enjoy a long and happy relationship.

The kundali matching for marriage Report focuses on three main factors:

Score from Guna Milan

Manglik Dosha’s Presence

The power of Navamsa Grafik graphics

The Gunas essential for kundali matching for marriage

Based on the date of birth of the bride and groom, eight Gunas or ashtats are present. So it is with the help of a marriage matching calculator. In Kundli matching by name and date of birth, the compatibility of these eight Gunas determines the fate of the marriage. These uses are:

  • Varna – The first use compares the Varna, or caste of the bride and groom. The groom must have a higher or equal Varna to that of the bride. This also puts light on the mental stability of the couples
  • Vashya – this Guna helps determine which of the two is more dominant and dominant.
  • Tare – Birth stars or tara of the bride and groom determine the health level of a relationship.
  • Yoni – This tool can be used to establish sexual compatibility between potential partners.
  • GrahaMaitri – The intellectual and mental relationship between future spouses is important. Graha Maitri Guna Milan, based on their name and date of birth, takes care of it.\
  • Ghana – This Guna helps determine the compatibility of the two’s personalities, behaviour, attitude, and approach.
  • Bhakoot – it helps in predicting the state of financial well-being and family well-being after marriage. The direction of the career development of the newlyweds after marriage can be through this meaning.
  • Nadi – this holds some of the major points, making it the most important during Kundalini Milan by name and date of birth. If you have this Dosha in your kundli then you are sure to face problems in your married life.

Scoring of kundali matching for marriage for a successful married life

For a happy, successful, and happy marriage, the minor result of the online kundali matching must be between 18 and 24. If the result is below 18, marriage is not recommended. On the other hand, if the result is more than 24, this is the ideal number for a happy and carefree married life.

  • The results of Guna Milan help resolve the possibility of a prosperous married life.
  • Kundali Match online is the best and most sought after way to generate accurate online horoscope match reports.
  • When reports are in computers, they do not even cover minor errors or human problems.
  • Here, you can find an accurate marriage point calculator (Guna Mian). It generates Kundali reports which astrologers can observe.

The necessity for a successful married life according to kundali matching for marriage

The most miniature Kundali score required for a smooth married life is 18. Anything below this number is unsustainable. Although there are some astrological remedies that, if followed, can answer your concerns. Mangal Dosha is a significant factor affecting Kundli’s chances.

  • If Mangal is not in balance in both Kundalis, it can affect the chances of a happy marriage.
  • The presence of Mangal Dosha in your Kundali can delay the marriage and. If not resolved, it affects your marriage and causes problems in your married life.
  • In your case, Puja Mangal Dosha Nivaran should be there before you get married.
  • Nadi Dosha met in Kundalini Milan when Nadi was identical for both partners.
  • The presence of Nadi Dosha can affect the partner’s health, causing infertility and an unhappy marriage.
  • But, if the puja Nadi dosha nivaran is always before marriage, this dosha is permissible.

Be it a couple or a love marriage; Kundalini matching is one of the best ways. First, it is to understand the compatibility between the bride and groom. Then, an estimate of the marriage based on the respective birth cards can lay the foundation. Finally, it is for a successful marriage.

Kundali matching for marriage can be a complex method, but professionals astrologers can make the best out of it

Love Kundli matching by name or date of birth is a coincidence of the eight aspects. It determines the compatibility of a couple. Since this is a complex method, it is a bit difficult to understand without astrological knowledge. In simple terms, Kundalini Milano by name or date of birth contains every aspect of Guna. It consists of a total of eight points, scored by points. The first use receives 1 point, the second uses 2 points, and so on, for 36 points. Astrologers compare the Gunas during random marriages to get a matching Kundalini score of 36 as the most significant score.

A low value coinciding with the Kundali means trouble in married life. If possible, couples with low compatibility scores should avoid marriage during a Kundalini match. We should avoid the match based on name/date of birth to avoid serious consequences later on. Or after consulting an experienced astrologer. 

They can follow astrological remedies to ease problems in their future married life. Kundali’s correspondence with name and date of birth plays an important role. It is for the success of a marriage. But other factors have a significant influence. So, it would help if you tried to consult more than one astrologer. Consider other astrological remedies to find an effective solution.

Why do people prefer kundali matching for marriage over the matching calculator?

Marriage correspondence name focuses on name, while Kundali Milan by date of birth contains your full date of birth. It focuses on which a comprehensive Guna Milan report will be together. However, both use the Guna Milan method to test the compatibility of a couple’s marriage. The Kundali match based on the date of birth is more accurate and precise. 

Since the name is a generalized aspect and birth details are accurate and unambiguous. It so happens that name marriage does not provide the desired information. It is for determining family happiness. So, Kundali Online Birth Matching Calculator is chosen. Users choose it over Marriage Matching Calculator by Name. Get free horoscope prediction with us.

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