Hampta Pass | A 5 Day Adventurous Trek from Manali

Hampta Pass | A 5 Day Adventurous Trek from Manali

The unparalleled joy of trailing through the moderately ferocious nature is challenging yet thrilling. Trekking during the days and resting at nights to rebuild energy, the 5-day adventure assures excitement in every fold. This trail is evidence that trekking is not just limited to the mountains but penetrating deep into nature. Manali marks the commencement of the journey, from where a ride can escort you to Jobra, where the quest for Hampta begins. 

The Hampta pass trek is popularly called the staircase to Heaven after the attempt of Pandas to reach Heaven by taking this route. Hampta Pass is located over the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas. The incredible trek offers a fulfilling exposure to a collection of varied terrains, starting from lush green meadows, besieging Pine trees to abandoned sandy mountains.

Simple footsteps to Chika

The first day is marked by a drive from Manali to Jobra, from where the actual trek starts. Trailing from Jobra to Chika campsite on the bank of Rani Nallah demands no much effort. Rani Nallah flowing ferociously and the therapeutic sounds of the water splashing make the layover even more enchanting.

Thrilling Expedition to Balu ka Ghera

With the dawn at Chika, the call for another 9km trail prompts. Waking up to a huge undulating view of the mountain and advancing towards crossing the fast-flowing river which is released from the Himalayan glaciers is epic. The successful crossing of the river will incite the strength in you to take further challenges. Coming across an innocent flock of sheep at the highland pastures while ascending keeps you lively. The excitement to realize that the most adventurous hike and destination are on the exact next day will make you impatient.

Final Incline

This day requires a dedicated warm-up and exercises before beginning. Passing along a stream by thumping your feet over the rocks in there, you come across a beautiful herd of a horse carrying sheep on their back. Then appears the enthralling snowscape that leads you to the elevation of 4,270m. After an array of snow-sliding and a peaceful tread comes the exhilarating moment of accomplishing the trek at Hampta Pass. The highpoint offers an inner satisfaction, although after stopping there for a while it is advised to descend as it could be unsafe to be there for a longer span due to the changing weather. While descending along the hilly terrain, on either side falls Lahaul and Spiti valley. After a slightly steeper and challenging descent, the coldest destination is Sheagoru. A warm rest at shea goru for the respective night replenishes the body for Chatru the next day.

The Last Campsite

Advancing towards the declining height to reach Chatru which is a simple and easy one, Chatru is located near the road connecting Manali-Kaza height. After 2 hours of trail from Sheagoru to Chatru, the remaining day could be dedicated to relaxing amidst the terrific heights that entail the story of your quest. A road trip to Lahaul and Spiti Valley and delighting the soul at the sight of the charming Chandratal lake is the last attraction around the 5-day adventure.

Awakening at the Last Campsite on day 5, a ride back to Manali concludes this adventurous trail and leaves you with lifetime memories.

A Brief Guide

·  Day 1 is from Manali to Chika via Jobra, Day 2 is from Chika to Balu-ka-ghera, Day 3 is from Balu-ka-ghera to Sheagoru via Hampta Pass, Day 4 is from Sheagoru to Chatru, exploring Charatal and finally, Day 5 escorts you back to Manali.

·  This trek should be taken from the month of June to August, lest due to the area receiving heavy snowfall, the place is closed.

·  You need to buckle up your energy and stay physically radiant while planning for this.

·  Trekkers should be ready for an enthralling yet Challenging trek that demands utmost enthusiasm

·  Hampta pass is an easy to moderate trek.

·  The entire trek covers a distance of 25 Km.

·  The overnight stays are in the tents.

·  Trekkers are requested to carry their warmest cardigans as well as quilts.·  Nature starts flourishing at an altitude of 3000m that unwinds vertical rock walls, Waterfalls, rhododendron forests, a panoramic view of peaks rising above 6000 meters, and a variety of orchids.

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